How to Participate

Contribute Your Family History

Be a part of The Ekopolitan Project by filling out your family genealogy.  The information you provide here will create a lasting record of your family’s history for future generations and contribute to scholarly understandings of the larger history of Lagos.

Inquire About Your Ancestor

Interested in learning more about an ancestor who lived in Lagos? Submit our simple form and we’ll be in touch with any information we can share.

More Ways to Contribute

  • Schedule an oral history interview with us.
  • Tell your friends, family, colleagues, and students  about The Ekopolitan Project.
  • Invite The Ekopolitan Project to speak to your organization.
  • Digitize and email your ancestral records to  (Ancestral records can include birth certificates, marriage records, obituaries, photographs, travel records, newspaper clippings, wills, letters and correspondence).