Friends of EKP

The Africa Narrative
A Project of the University of Southern California’s Norman Lear Center

ÀGÙDÀ FAMILIES: Returned Freedmen from Brazil
Interview with Br. Lisa Earl Castillo about the Àgùdà, former slaves in Brazil who returned to West Africa after becoming free

ASIRI Magazine
An online cultural art magazine about the Nigerian people

Brazilians in Lagos
Article by Femi Oyebode

The Harriett Tubman Research Institute
Research on global diaspora of Africans and their descendants at York University

Introduction: The Imaginative Capital of Lagos
Selection of articles that were presented at the first Lagos conference at Barnard College

Lagos Studies Association
An international, interdisciplinary organization of academic and non-academic practitioners whose interest focus on Lagos and its peoples

Liberated Africans
A resource dedicated to the memories of over 250,000 people who tried to abolish the Atlantic and Indian Ocean slave trades

Marinho Family Site
Digital family tree for the Marinho family

The Metropole: Lagos Archives
Articles from the official blog of the Urban History Association

New Maps of Old Lagos
Exploring the history of Lagos, one map at a time

Nigerian Brazilian Project
The Nigerian-Brazilian Public History Project is an initiative that seeks to recover the extensive contributions of Afro-Brazilians and their descendants to Nigerian society since their arrival in West African communities from the early nineteenth century to the early twentieth century.

Nigerian Nostalgia Project
Tumblr showing photographs of Nigeria from the late 19th century to the 1990s

Nigerian Studies Association
A scholarly, non-profit professional organization committed to the promotion of interdisciplinary Nigerian Studies.

Pierre Verger Foundation
Collection of work by Pierre Verger and information about him